• Kathy

    Hard to find something "safe" during quarantine. These were a big hit! Going to get a few to have around.

  • Marilyn

    The very concept of all you need to make a gluten-free birthday cake contained within a birthday card is full of delight; the card and it's contents were happily consumed by the birthday girl.

  • Jane

    My daughter and granddaughters thoroughly enjoyed your InstaCake Card and treat.They reported the confetti cake to be delicious and since they are gluten and nut free, I was thrilled to be able to send something so special. My ten year old granddaughter told me of each item that arrived and raved about the taste.

  • Alison

    Perfect for a friend who has everything

  • Candace

    Awesome, I sent my 1st one out this week and can't wait to get a response.

  • Lynn

    Everyone thought it was wonderful!

  • From Anchorage

    Birthday girl is ecstatic over the cake. Thinks it's unbelievable! She loves this kind of stuff. They are making it right now. She said the person who made this is the smartest person in the world. Cake for breakfast!

  • Jane

    The InstaCake Card I sent to my 90 year-old father was a huge success! He appreciated the clever idea and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious cake. It was the first he ever made! Thank you for making InstaCake Cards. I plan to be sending more of them and appreciate that fact that they are gluten and nut free, too.

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