• Jaime Marty

    I actually insist you check this company out! Who doesn't like to celebrate with cake! I just grabbed a few kits because I think they make great coworker birthday gifts too for your office crew!

  • Chris

    Thank you so much

  • Sondra

    Mail your cake & eat it too Clever gift idea I had not seen elsewhere.

  • Laurel

    The cake is about the size of a large square cupcake with a candle. This was a big hit with a little girl I gave it to (8 years old) - she made the cupcake herself and enjoyed eating it.

  • Jean

    Such a cute idea, and a great way to send a birthday “cake.”

  • Naomi

    I plan to give the insta cakes as stocking stuffers. I don't know how good they may be, but I am pleased with the appearance of the gift.

  • Wendy – The Perpetual Kid

    Great value and fun for gifting! Quickly became a customer favorite!

  • Louise

    This not only includes cake to make in a mug, but also frosting, sprinkles, candle, and stirring spoon. Fun to receive!

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