• Savannah

    We love Instacakes!

  • Bhavski R.

    Cool! My girls received for their joint birthday and really enjooyed making the cake. They let me have only a taste but was really yummy. Thank you for this nice treat and idea

  • Jola

    Granddaughter loved it!

  • Yorka

    great! I love the concept, the presentation, the packaging....I hope my clientele fall in love with it. I will make one and let you know about the rest. But thank you for a wonderful product.

  • Kelly

    I received the birthday cake all in a little tiny box for my birthday. I made the perfect size personable cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles! It even had a pink candle! It was a very nice surprise, so easy to make and made me so happy! I'll definitely be buying these and sending them as gifts also! So worth it! ?

  • Francine

    Excellent Product and customer service These cakes are always a hit in our boxes. This time we received a sample of each flavor and were able to try all of them. They're not your typically mug cake. They actually taste really good and have great quality. The packaging has been updated as well. The company really seems to care about quality and you can see it in all of the small upgrades that they've made from the old packaging to the new. The fulfillment time was really quick as well. We will definitely continue to order.

  • Natasha – Boundless Beauty

    Great product, sells well in store and so creative. Super fast shipping and delivery

  • Barb

    Awesome product!! These little cakes (inside a card) are just the perfect addition for a celebration. I sent one to my grandson for his 8th grade graduation, another for my daughter’s birthday and an anniversary. Also just to send to our grandkids across the miles to say “we miss you”!! You gotta get one or some!!

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