• Rosemary

    These cards are unique. They are well packaged and the value is there.

  • Melanie

    My mom loved this card, I think my grandson will too!

  • Annie

    The recipient of the card was very impressed and enjoyed it. So different than a regular card. It feels like you really mean it!

  • Anna

    So yummy! I bought last week to add on to a gift. My friend loved it!

  • April

    So cute. Receivers are always smiling when they get this adorable little surprise cake. Original idea.

  • Cake for Ollie

    My grandson not only liked it but loved it. It baked up well in the time it indicated. Frosting was good too. I was surprised. My granddaughter wants one for her birthday in October. I'll be sure to order another.

  • Kelly

    I was so excited to find this in our small town. I watched the program on dragons den & was all about supporting a local entrepreneur from our area. The only problem was that it cost me 16.00 on top of the card price to mail it. Very disappointed as it made it quite expensive for a small gesture.

  • Champ

    Bought the 6 pack cards and have celebrated 3 different birthdays so far with friends and family, and every card has been received with great fanfare. This beats any expensive gift I've done in recent years. Let them eat cake!

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