• Sarah D.

    Cannot wait to send out these Holiday cards this year! I received one of these birthday cards last month from a friend, what a cute idea! The cake is great, love that it comes with candle and decoration... way cuter than any mug cake ive seen before

  • Cody S.

    My daughter had a blast, she thought it was "SO COOL!" she got to bake her own birthday cake lol

  • PaigeK

    This card is so cute and such a great holiday card to send out! Love the cake inside, sooo yummy!!

  • TracTracy


  • Neil A.

    This is such a wonderful gift idea! I definitely want to send more of these to friends and family!

  • Verena E.

    This is the hit of the century. I sent one to my sister in Germany and another to my daughter in law in Wisconsin and both of them here or overseas Just absolutely loved the idea and sent photos when they lit the candle and started eating the tiny cake,

  • Richard R.

    This product is great. It is fun for all ages, and is a unique birthday experience. It has all that is needed to create a good tasting cake and is a quality product that is really fun.

  • Mary F.

    My sister got a big kick out of getting the birthday cake card in the mail. Said it was the coolest idea ever!! She said it tasted good, too. A double hit!!

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