• Alva

    Quite different from anything I've ever seen or received!

  • Ferne F

    My friend sent me a card for my birthday. I didn't use it till last week. I invited two of my neighbors over for dinner. One was having a birthday . So I baked the CAKE....and served it to the three of was delightful!

  • Tori

    Theses were so much fun. Would definitely buy again

  • Vicky

    What a SWEET idea!

  • Sarah H

    Valentines gift for Granddaughter, she LOVED it!

  • John

    It was a lovely gift and the person received it enjoyed

  • Carol

    Birthday gift for Granddaughter. She will be very pleased. Looking forward to hearing her comments.

  • Sh

    this is a fun gift for a birthday. a nice way to send a cake to a friend living far away. its cute, a nice activity and tastes pretty good. a bit pricey, more of a novely really, but overall great. fast reliable shipping adds a star!

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