• Michael Liber

    a unique way to send a present by mail or in person its a cake and I card. really easy instructions, the cake tastes moist.

  • Sheila

    These are adorable and unique; people are surprised when they get them and the cakes are delicious!!

  • Pamela

    Actually they were gifts for twin 4 year olds for Christmas. But I did look through the box and it really looked easy and cute. I think they will like decorating them eating them.

  • Ann

    This is a fantastic card to send someone that you can't see on their birthday. I needed a delayed delivery, and "Instacakecards" was happy to oblige. The card arrived right before the birthday. My recipient made the card and it was not only beautiful, but tasty! I recommend this to anyone that wants to celebrate a birthday from a distance :-)

  • Susan E. Kindt

    This is a tremendous idea for that someone you want to remember but don't normally do a gift for. It is not found in a store so order it online here at this web site. I got one from a friend and that is how I learned about it. It was fun to bake this little cake and actually it tasted very good. This is a very reputable company and they stand behind their product.

  • Maria

    pleasantly pleased customer.

  • Savannah

    We love Instacakes!

  • Bhavski R.

    Cool! My girls received for their joint birthday and really enjooyed making the cake. They let me have only a taste but was really yummy. Thank you for this nice treat and idea

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