• Francisco

    Great gift for birthdays, super fun and simple to make, tastes good and no need to worry about cleaning dishes!

  • Mary

    I have a young great niece who loves to cook & bake, but is hard to shop for. This was perfect! Her sent pics and videos of her with the package, and later, with the perfect little cake, serving it up to her stuffed animals in celebration! It was so easy to send a note on the card space inside, then it all went into the mailing package so easily - no need to find another box for it - I liked that!

  • Jenna

    Have sent to a few friends, all of them loved it! Cake was apparently great, super easy to make and came with everything they needed - they were really surprised it even had sprinkles and a candle!

  • Shelly – USA

    My best friend bought me an Instacakecard for my birthday recently and I’ve waited for a special occasion to make it. Well today was the day and it was delicious! It was the perfect size and hit the spot! Thanks for making them gluten-free. For years I’ve just skipped cake for my birthday but now I didn’t have to!

  • Kirsten

    So much fun!!! Everyone should try these tasty little surprises 🎂

  • Laurie

    Really fun. During these times when we are sequestered inside, this is great to give.

  • Lisa

    I sent it to my granddaughter. She loved it and was going to wait to bake the cake one day when she was bored and had nothing else to do during the quaranteen.

  • Mike

    These are awesome, I bought a pack to keep on hand for last minute birthday gifts. I ate a cake (2) myself for quality control 🤣 and it was the best cake I had all day.. the best part is there's no dishes! My friends were happy that they are gluten free too.

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