• Ben

    I made it with my cousin Abbison and while we were making it and we were done. I tasted it I said "Ha it's so good" then Abbison said "I guess it tastes good it tastes like a cookie. I guess in a good way, but isn't it supposed to taste like cake 🎂 " I for one AGREE and in your comicals it Rises to the top and it DIDN'T. Did I get a gimmick? or a fake? I may never know. ( But it was good)

  • Lori Barnes

    Great product & fantastic customer service! And the cakes are unbelievably yummy! Saw this on Dragon’s Den & was so not disappointed. Will continue to rave & use this product which is an unexpected delight to receive in the mail or in person.

  • Sherry

    We love explaining what these are to our customers when they pick up this product. Fun and consistent seller. Won't be disappointed!

  • Cathy

    We sent the cake card to our 9 year old granddaughter, and she made the cake as soon as she picked it up from the mail box. Her mother's thank you text said that her daughter just LOVED it!! She still talks about it and puts the hat on --it was the neatest thing, thank you for sending it"

  • Lawson Hewlett

    Great product, the person I sent it to said "It made her day"! Their customer service is outstanding. I will be a repeat customer.

  • Crystal

    Always a great experience, super easy to deal with, great products

  • Jennifer

    My son is stationed in Japan and I've sent him these little cakes in a care package for his birthday the past 2 years. He loves them! They're easy to make and makes him smile even when he's so far away from home.

  • Suzanne

    Instacake Cards makes fun greeting cards and kits that have everything in them to make a yummy personalized celebration cake.

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