• Shayla – A Basket Case, Calgary AB.

    Love these, they are just the cutest! Iā€™m very happy with this product. We have tried the vanilla and chocolate and they taste great. Will definitely restock!

  • Lacy

    It was good!

  • Harold

    Tasty and fun!

  • Bonnie

    This is a lovely cake and card set which would have been ideal during the first lockdown, and is a great idea for a birthday for someone who lives far away.šŸ’• The set comes with everything you need. You have the cake mix, just add water, there is a measuring spoon, and you mix in the same box you bake in. Even the stirring and eating spoon is provided.šŸŽ‚ You mix the cake and put in the microwave for 60 seconds, a further 10 seconds maybe. After its cooled, add the icing mix, pour over the top, then add the sprinkles. You can leave the icing to set, or eat it soft like a pudding. Either way it tastes great! There is even a candle! ITs a lovely gift - it also comes with its own packaging to post.

  • Barbara

    A favorite gift of mine for family members

  • Jocelyn

    Love love love it! Such a great idea for a cute little birthday present of any age!

  • Kathi

    I was skeptical but so pleasantly surprised when I tested these out. They are fluffy, the frosting is delicious, and it is a perfect portion size.

  • Jenna

    I love these products! The idea, packaging and communication from the company is 5*

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