• Dawn

    It was such a sweet surprise receiving this birthday cake card in the mail. A really nice way for my family on the other side of the country to show they were thinking about me. The cake was delicious!! There was probably enough to share with another person--but I didn't. I will definitely buy and send to my family and friends.

  • Stephanie

    These cards are great! I sent one to my mother in law for her birthday and she loved it! I got another one for my daughter, it was so easy to make a toddler could do it. And it tastes so good, and gluten free too! Highly recommend.

  • Tonia – ON, Canada

    What a perfect topping to a great present! Instacakecards were so easy to order and a very fast shipping time from BC to Ontario in three days. I ordered a few cards for friends but couldn’t help to try one myself, what a delicious treat and so easy to make. If you haven’t ordered a card you should they are excellent as part of a gift or just on their own!

  • Laurie S.

    My sister thought it was a "hoot" 'cause she's in CO and i'm in IL Such a neat way to eat cake from me!

  • Gary

    I received an Instacakecard for my birthday, and I was surprised with how good it really tasted! Gluten Free too! I will absolutely be sending these to my friends moving forward, cannot wait to see the look on their face when they open it up. Really impressive how much actually comes inside the card!

  • Ann

    Love these! A great way to be able to celebrate with friends near and far, I've sent them across country and its so cool to hear how excited my friends got! They got cake in the mail! Cute card too!

  • Craig

    What an amazing idea. A cake without baking and so light and fluffy with a tasty vanilla icing and sprinkles. Lovely.

  • Diana

    My friends sent me a cake in a card and I was intrigued. How could this possibly work? Well let me tell you, all I had to add was water. Even the spoons I needed were provided. Even the candle. If you live far away from friends or loved ones, send them a cake in a card. Sit back, and wait for the appreciation. They will be all smiles!!!!

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