• Craig

    What an amazing idea. A cake without baking and so light and fluffy with a tasty vanilla icing and sprinkles. Lovely.

  • Diana

    My friends sent me a cake in a card and I was intrigued. How could this possibly work? Well let me tell you, all I had to add was water. Even the spoons I needed were provided. Even the candle. If you live far away from friends or loved ones, send them a cake in a card. Sit back, and wait for the appreciation. They will be all smiles!!!!

  • Jensait – BC, Canada

    InstaCake card was a unique addition to my husband’s birthday! He enjoys unboxing and putting together new gadgets, so he enjoyed unboxing and making the cake. Of course; our 2-year-old daughter took control of the cake after it was ready, but it was very entertaining and delicious! I also sent a ”congrats” InstaCake card celebrating a friend who just had a baby. She loved the surprise and the fun experience ? —

  • Allison

    InstaCake is so much fun! I was lucky enough to be the first person in the US to get an InstaCake Card in the mail. My mom and dad sent it to me for my *I’m too old to tell you the number!* birthday. We had so much fun making it and eating it. Of course now my daughter has requested one for her birthday!

  • Francesca

    A fun and thoughtful birthday gift! The cake was easy to create and absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to send these cards to my friends and family!

  • Jane

    Tastes delicious and so much fun

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