• Mary P.

    I have a young great niece who loves to cook & bake, but is hard to shop for. This was perfect! Her sent pics and videos of her with the package, and later, with the perfect little cake, serving it up to her stuffed animals in celebration! It was so easy to send a note on the card space inside, then it all went into the mailing package so easily - no need to find another box for it - I liked that!

  • Sarah M.

    The seller is great to work with.. Quick to ship. Great cards! Perfect for these lock down birthday.

  • B-J.

    Son said it tasted pretty good. Not as good as homemade but long distance birthday cake due to Covid this did the trick. Purchased chocolate and vanilla and love that they had Gluten Free!

  • Ms. Jones

    The concept is wonderful. It's fun and creative. Followed the directions but the cake taste left a little to be desired. BUT....I'd order another one anyway. Such a cute idea and perfect for people who are Scrooges and don't want to have anything to do with the holiday.

  • Alyson

    Cannot wait to send these out for the holidays! They are SO cute, so much more fun than my traditional cards!

  • Anita F.

    I purchased several of this product and they are so much fun and so tasty, I’m ordering more! Fun for kids and adults.

  • Sarah D.

    Cannot wait to send out these Holiday cards this year! I received one of these birthday cards last month from a friend, what a cute idea! The cake is great, love that it comes with candle and decoration... way cuter than any mug cake ive seen before

  • Cody S.

    My daughter had a blast, she thought it was "SO COOL!" she got to bake her own birthday cake lol

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